Johnny & Associates (Johnny’s for short, and yes, it’s that infamous agency known for not allowing online photos of their talents) has a surprising new talent. Their names are Asuka Kaidou and Kanata Ichigoya, and they’re virtual idols.

Jouichirou Fujiwara and Kazuya Oohashi, who are members of the Kansai Johnny’s Jr. sub-unit Naniwa Danshi, are voicing these two idols. Fujiwara voices Asuka Kaidou, while Oohashi voices Kanata Ichigoya. Asuka Kaidou is born and raised in Osaka, while Kanata Ichigoya was born in Fukuoka, but raised in Osaka.

Honeyworks designed the characters, and they’re part of the Virtual Johnny’s Project. The two have now debuted, and their first videos as now available via Johnny’s Showroom.

source: Nijimen