Kemono Friends has an idol unit of penguins called PPP. They make up of Royal Penguin (Mikoi Sasaki), Emperor Penguin (Ruka Nemoto), Gentoo Penguin (Kyouka Tamura), Rockhopper Penguin (Aina Aiba), and Humboldt Penguin/Hululu (Ikuko Chikuta). And now, they’re they’re participating in Kyoto Aquarium’s upcoming “FUN FAN PENGUINS ~MIYA-CCO: The Great Operation to Make Fans~” campaign. There, they will team up with the aquarium’s own real-life penguin idol unit, “MIYA-CCO.” 

The Kyoto Aquarium’s 11 penguins make up MIYA-CCO, with the 5-year old male penguin, Maru, acting as its center. And yes, he even won a general election to get that position. And yes, they also released their own single titled “Monochrome Love”.

Well, that’s rather… um… unique. But yeah, the aquarium will be releasing postcards featuring the penguin idols and the Kemono Friends penguin idols. They will be distributing them from 9-24 March 2019.

But that’s not all, because the seiyuu behind Hululu (Grape-kun’s waifu) and Gentoo are performing at the aquarium’s Iruka Stadium on 9th March. Ikuko Chikuta and Kyoka Tamura also form the unit Chiku☆Tamu, and they will be performing there as that unit.

source: Kyoto Aquarium official website