Girly Airforce is the latest in a line of anthropomorphic franchises featuring military weapons as girls. While KanColle and Arpeggio of Blue Steel has shipgirls, Girly Air Force has planegirls! It’s based on the original novel by Koji Natsumi, and its setting is the Komatsu Airbase. Now, that place is actually real, and it’s in Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.

Now, the Japanese Self Defense Force has not been shy in collaborating with anime. They’ve done it countless times with Girls und Panzer, as well as Arpeggio of Blue Steel, GATE, High School Fleet, and of course, Kantai Collection, so it’s no surprise when the Air Force equivalent of Japan, the JASDF, teamed up with the anime on multiple occasions. In fact, the base recently opened an official website featuring the real-life locations of some of the anime’s scenes.

The collaboration between the anime and the actual militarised base also saw two of the anime’s main seiyuu visiting it for a talk show last year. Yuka Morishima (Gripen) and Hitomi Owada (Eagle) didn’t just do the talk show, but toured it as well.

Run Girls, Run!, who perform the anime’s OP, also shot the music video for “Break the Blue!! inside the base as well. They even had an F-15J Eagle serve as a backdrop as well.

Finally, we end this with the collaboration visual, which features Eagle, Gripen, and Phantom in various JASDF uniforms: