In Gen-2 of the Pokemon games (Gold and Silver), Sentret had the distinction of being the small and furry normal type that would continuously tackle your low level starter Pokemon at the beginning of your journey. However, as it evolves into a Furret, the Pokemon becomes stronger and a lot BIGGER. And now, the Pokemon Company is releasing a life-size plush of the Pokemon, and it reflects how truly big one of them is.

Real-life ferrets may have inspired the Pokemon’s design, but I don’t think they would ever grow THAT BIG! And according to the Pokedex, the Pokemon measures in at 5’11 in length, or around 180cm. Translating that into a life-size plushie may mean that it would be much taller than most humans.

And because it’s pretty big, it won’t be cheap too! It comes in with a price tag of 30,240 yen, and that doesn’t even involve shipping costs yet. Pokemon Center Online will be accepting pre-orders on 24th February, though they will be releasing them in July.

source: Pokemon Center Online