Macross creator and mecha icon, Shoji Kawamori, is one of the most respected names in animation. And yes, this isn’t just in Japan, but abroad as well. And now, his studio, Satelight, announced a new event called the Shoji Kawamori Expo. It celebrates Kawamori’s 40 years in the industry, as well as displays his works. It will be a big one, as the displays will span his entire career.

The exhibition will happen at the Gallery AaMo in Tokyo from Late May until late June 2019. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal any further details about it yet.

People know Kawamori as one of the people behind the Macross franchise, and even credit him as the creator. However, he’s also responsible for the Aquarion franchise and Vision of Escaflowne, as well as the Arjuna series and AKB0048. He has also worked as a mecha designer for Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, Eureka Seven, and Outlaw Star. He is a true icon of the industry, and well-respected by mecha fans around the world.

source: Satelight official Twitter page