The seiyuu unit for Milky Holmes has officially disbanded. And now, it seems that former member and seiyuu Izumi Kitta is moving on. In her official LINE blog, the seiyuu stated that she’s going to Great Britain for a year. Her reason? She’s going back to school!

She explains that she hopes to broaden her experiences, and also grow as a person. And fortunately for fans, she’s also doing this for her career as a seiyuu! In her blog, she noted that she wants to “level up” her personal life, as well as her voice acting career with her studies. She will be leaving for Britain in June, but will continue to make appearances in the months prior.

Kitta also noted that she’s going the country which is the home of Sherlock Holmes. This ties in to the fact that the classic detective character inspired Milky Holmes, where she voices Cordelia Glauca. Her other roles include Freezing’s Cleo Brand and Cardfight! Vanguard’s Misaki Tokura.