Whenever it comes to food from Monster Hunter, one of the most iconic is roasted meat on bone. And now, Capcom is collaborating with confectionary brand, Juccheim, to recreate them in the real world… but as traditional German cakes known as Baumkuchen.

First, they will release a 130×400mm cake with brown sugar coating , and it will cost 16,200 yen. You can cut into the cake much like how you cut into kebab or shawarma.

They’re also releasing a smaller version, which is “roasting” over a fire pit. Unfortunately, Juccheim hasn’t revealed the price yet.

The cakes are part of the franchise’s 15th anniversary celebrations. Juccheim will release both versions in their stores starting 27th March. However, they will open pre-orders on 12th March.

Sours: Juccheim official website