The Fist of the North Star 35th Anniversary celebrations continue, and this time, they’re partnering up with watchmakers, Seiko. For this collaboration, the watch brand is releasing a special watch featuring the one and only Kenshiro. It also has the fighter’s seven scars, which it features in gold overlay. The watch also has the Ken-Oh royal crest at the 9 hour mark, and a rhinestone to serve as the Death Omen Star in the 7-hour mark.

Those who purchase the watch have the choice between a silver band or a black leather band. In addition, Seiko will also release it with a special case as well. And to top things off, the back of each watch features the engraved autograph of mangaka Tetsuo Hara.

Seiko will release the watch in limited amounts, as they will only make 3,500 of them. They will then release it sometime in June 2019. Unfortunately, its price tag will make many go “Nani?!” as Seiko says “omae wa mou shindeiru” on their wallet! Each watch costs 48,384 yen.

source: Comic Natalie