Classic literature is timeless, no matter where you go. This is also true in Japan, where people still revere the works of legendary authors. And like many around the world, others are giving these stories a more modern twist for contemporary readers. However, in Japan, they’re giving their classics a more Boys’ Love kind of twist…

Titled BL Selection Classic Literature, the new book re-imagines classic Japanese stories into BL stories. There are two volumes all in all, with the first one containing The Tale of Princess Kaguya and The Tale of Ise. Emma Yukifune “translates” the first volume, and she turns the female leads into males. For example, she turned Princess Kaguya into a bishounen named Kaguyahiko. It’s pretty much the same as the classic, except Princess Kaguya is a guy, and his suitors are all guys.

Meanwhile, Meron Uminekozawa “translated” the second volume, which contains The Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters), Japan’s oldest existing record of history and mythology. She re-imagines the book as a romantic comedy between… you guessed it, boys!

Tomoko Yamashita illustrated the first volume, while Harada illustrated the second one. Both artists used classical Japanese art style in order to really make the the book covers look classic. Both books are now also available in Japan.

source: Nijimen