Netflix has a “comprehensive business alliance” with Production I.G. and BONES, and it looks like they have sparked a brand new anime for the streaming service.This is because both Production I.G and Netflix have announced an experimental project featuring the “first hand-drawn anime with 4K HDR quality”.

According to The Animation Business Journal, it will debut in autumn 2019 via Netflix’s premium plan. Production I.G’s Teru Saitou is directing the series, with Netflix creative technology engineer Haruka Miyagawa supervising. Here are more images from the project:

Saitou said in a comment that “There are hurdles like equipment, and 4K and HDR are undeveloped fields in the industry”. He also added that
“As expressive people, we always search for a chance to produce videos that are more beautiful.”

Unfortunately, they still haven’t revealed the new anime’s title yet. However, do expect the anime’s staff to reveal more details soon enough.

Source: Animation Business Journal