Super Mario Bros. is one of the greatest video games of all time, as it really sparked the surge of the video game industry. Collectors from all over the world still covet the old school game, and they’re willing to pay handsomely for a copy. And now, it seems that someone just sold a copy of its SNES (Super Famicon) version for over 100,000 USD. To be exact, they sold it at an auction for USD 100,150.

source: Wata Games

Wata Games authenticated and certified the sealed game. However, it was Heritage Auctions which sold it. Currently, the game has three co-owners. They are Jim Halperin, the founder and co-chairman of the collectibles auction company Heritage Auctions, coin dealer and game collector Rich Lecce, and video game store owner Zac Gieg.

Deniz Khan of Wata games recently talked to Kotaku about the sale. He said
“I’ve always said personally that I believe that sticker-sealed Mario is possibly one of the most significant video gaming items historically”. As for why it was so special, Khan said that “this copy of the game is the only known copy of Super Mario Bros. that still has an intact sticker seal from the NES’ brief launch window. “

source: Kotaku