In February 2009, Haruka Tomatsu, Minako Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki, and Aki Toyosaki banded together to form the seiyuu unit Sphere. 10 years, 20 singles, and 10 albums later, and they’re still going strong! And now, they’re releasing their 10th anniversary album titled “10s” later this spring.

The group recently got back together since taking a hiatus as a unit back in late 2017. And boy did they get back together, resuming their activities at the Maihama Amphetheater for the “LAWSON presents Sphere 10th anniversary Live 2019 Ignition” concert. There, they announced the album, which includes 12 tracks. “Music Power→!!!!,” “Heart to Heart,” and “[email protected] Spheres!!” will be the lead tracks for the album.

In addition, they will also have a limited edition first press release of the album, which includes a 60-page photo book and a Blu-ray disc containing a music video for “Music Power→!!!! “. And not only that, but the Blu-ray will also feature a documentary about what the four member seiyuu were up to during their hiatus as a group.

They will release the album, as well as the limited edition version, on 8 May 2019. They will then go on tour in September as part of their “LAWSON presents Sphere 10th anniversary Live tour 2019 A10tion!” tour. Here are their stops:

  • 7-8 September 2019: Orix Theater (Osaka) 
  • 12 September 2019: Nanako Sunplaza Hall (Tokyo) 
  • 22 September 2019: Shizuoka-city Culture Hall (Shizuoka) 
  • 28 September 2019: Nanako Sunplaza Hall (Tokyo) 
  • 13-14 October 2019: Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall (Aichi) 
  • 26-27 October 2019: Makuhari Messe Event Hall (Chiba)

Source: Sphere official website