The King of monsters is returning with a new Hollywood movie, and is celebrating its 60th anniversary. And now, Godzilla is teaming up with Tokyo-based jewelers, Ginza Tanaka, for a golden collaboration. It will feature a solid gold Godzilla statue, and it won’t be cheap at all. After all, they used 24 karat gold to make this one…

The golden figure weighs in at 15Kg, so it will be heavier than most figures in your collection. It features one of Godzilla’s most popular incarnations, which is its Heisei version, or the 90’s Godzilla. However, it will also be the most expensive, with a price tag of 150 million yen. That’s 10 million yen per Kilogram! But the good news is that the price tag already includes tax. Oh, and it will also come with a special stand made of acrylic and wood.

Before selling it however, Ginza Tanaka will be displaying it around Japan. They will first do it in Tokyo starting July. They will then move it to Osaka in August. They will put it up for sale on 20 July 2019.

source: Fashion Press