The Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro is no stranger to anime or video game collaborations. And now, they’re teaming up with one of the hottest mobile games around, Fate/Grand Order! For this new collaboration, the hotel will turn the entirety of their 25th floor into “Hotel Chaldea”.

Well, I guess staying at the hotel would be a good 5-star experience… or a 4-star… or a 3-star… depending on your luck on the RNG.

For this collaboration, they will be renaming the entire 25th floor as “IKEPRI 25”. It will serve as a concept floor with many themes. This would include the fact that “Hotel Chaldea” would invoke a “sense of playfulness” and would make a world where the game’s servants seem real.

As of writing, the hotel hasn’t revealed any further details yet. However, they will reveal more information sometime later this month. Reservations for the rooms will open in March.

source: Comic Natalie