Sword Art Online Alicization is currently one of the hottest anime of the season. And during the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, the anime revealed a very special snow sculpture featuring Alicization’s three main characters. The anime’s twitter page recently revealed photos of the snow sculpture:

Alice, Kirito, and Eugeo all seem to be enjoying themselves at the festival, huh? And at night, the sculpture even features a light display. However, it kinda makes Kirito look a bit creepy, don’t you guys think so?

None the less, fans will find it along with other great sculptures from the annual winter event. The festival kicked off last 4th February, and will be going on until 11th February 2019. It features snow sculptures of every sort, from Star Wars to Snow Miku. Sculptors from all over the world also participated, showing off their skills for all to see.

source: Sword Art Online official twitter page