The cities of Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture and Ashikaga in Tochigi Prefecture has pulled together, using their heritage and charm to create a short anime in Japanese and English to boost their tourism.

With the theme of four seasons, 4 shorts have been produced with the help of local Gunma voice actress Aya Uchida of Love Live! fame, along with Kodai Sakai and Mori Katsuji. The story has been made to appeal to both cities towards young people and foreigners.

You can see this short anime, and 3 others in the link below.

Aya Uchida’s comment:
I’m very glad to have been able to take part in a work to promote the charms of my hometown. Myself, a Gunma local, whom have also been tasked to be a special envoy did my best! Ashikaga City is just right next to Gunma. but it is so close it’s practically my hometown, so I don’t feel like it’s an entirely different prefecture! I was actually at the Ashikaga Flower Park last year to see the Wisteria there. Kiryu has the Yagibushi festival which actually, I’ve also taken part of, dancing there as a kid you know? I’m super happy to take part in promoting this hometown which I have strong connection to.

That’s really cool! Having your local town promote their charms in a short anime! I wish I am able to promote Singapore in a short anime with my voice one day~!

Source: Moca-news