Just in time for the sakura season, Twitter Japan has announced that they are working with the famous Manga series Cardcaptor Sakura to “release” Sakura Emoji! There’s actually three parts to this collab too!

The first collaboration is that every time you use the hashtag #桜, Twitter will donate money to the NPO Sakuraline311 (@sakuraline311). This NPO was founded after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami where they planted sakuras at one of the hardest hit areas of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture to remind people of the tragedy that happened 8 years ago.

The second part is the Cardcaptor Sakura collaboration itself! When you use the #木之本桜 hashtag, the limited edition sakura emoji will be released! There’s also a Cardcaptor Sakura moments you can see on Twitter with screens from the original TV animation. You can even stand a chance to be one of 27 winners of Cardcaptor Sakura and Twitter collab goods as well.

The last of three collaborations is the sakura hashtags. From 12 March to 30 April when you use certain hashtags, a sakura will automatically bloom next to them. Hashtags is questions are (#さくらの日 #桜 #さくら #開花 #満開 #お花見 #夜桜)

Also, when you press the “favorite” button on certain tweets with related hashtags, the heart will become a sakura as well. Hashtags in question are (さくら、#花見、#はなみ、#お花見、#桜、#おはなみ、#sakura、#開花、#開花宣言、#咲いた、#さくらの日、#サクラ、#夜桜、#満開、#cherryblossom、#サクラサク)

What are you waiting for, lets spread the wonderful sakura flowers all over twitter!

Source: Famitsu

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