Monthly Shonen Sunday’s April 2019 issue has revealed that Netflix and David Production will be working together to adapt t Hiroshi Takashige and Ryouji Minagawa’s Spriggan manga. It also confirmed that Netflix will be streaming the new anime worldwide.

This won’t be the first time that Spriggan, also known as Striker out west, has received an anime adaptation. Back in 1998, it also inspired an anime film. As for this new upcoming series however, neither Netflix, David Production, nor Shogakukan has revealed any further details yet.

The manga follows Yuu Omae, a seemingly normal high school student who is actually a Spriggan. He is an agent of the ARCAM Corporation, which seeks to protect ancient relics from an advanced civilisation from falling into the hands of evil.

Source: Monthly Shonen Sunday (April 2019 issue)