According to a report by Sensor Tower, a marketing intelligence company, players of the popular iOS/Android FateRPG Fate/Grand Order has spent over 3 Billion Dollars on the game.

Inside this 3 billion total, in 1st place amounting to 26 million dollars or 82% comes entirely from Japanese players, in 2nd place around 3.6 billion or 12% are from Chinese iOS players, and in 3rd place is 900 million or 3% from American players.

According to the total American Sales, Sensor Tower said that “while the Fate series isn’t as popular in the Americas as compared as Asia, that’s still a pretty huge revenue considering all that”.

Last month, Fate/Grand Order made a total of 843 million dollars worldwide, ranking it in 2nd place for mobile games in Japan, and 59th place in America

That’s alot of spending for stamina refreshes and gacha-ing for Servants huh? How much have you spent playing Fate/Grand Order so far?

Source: AnimeAnime