Hi Score Girl is back with a new OVA which features the anime’s 13th-15th episodes. Now, the staff have revealed that the anime will indeed continue on with a second season! It’s titled Hi Score Girl II, and they revealed a new PV, as well as a key visual:

This new season will debut sonetime in October and will continue to adapt Rensuke Oshikiri’s Hi Score Girl manga. As for the OVAs, Netflix is now streaming them around the world. The streaming service is also streaming the TV anime as an exclusive as well.

Hi Score Girl is set in the 90’s and follows a young boy named Haruo. Despite being young, he’s very good at fighting games, particularly Street Fighter II. But everything changes when he runs into a very good Zangief player, who turns out to be a rich young girl his age named Akira.

source: Comic Nataie