Last year, the TV anime “The Ryou’s Work is Never Done” premiered, and yes, it featured lolis. The anime is mainly about shogi, and was actually quite interesting. Its so interesting in fact, that the Japan Shogi Association columnist and shogi instructor Kei Mizutome actually endorsed its source novel!

The shogi expert recently released an article in the Japan Shogi Association’s website. It introduced four novels about shogi that are a “must read”. In his description of Shirow Shiratori’s manga, he says that the light novels come in “like a whirlwind”. He also acknowledges that though its an unlikely combination of elementary school girls and shogi, it has won the hearts of many in both the Shogi World and the light novel fandom. In fact, it even won the Shogi Pen Grand Prize, along with its hit TV anime adaptation.

Mizutome also added that one of its most enjoyable aspects is how it incorporates the real-life aspects of the world of shogi, from real-life anecdotes to cameos from real personalities from the community. He even said that if you follow the world of shogi today, you might know who are the real-life inspirations for the novels’ Maestro and Meijin really are. He also says that he truly appreciates the love and research the author has put into the series.

Source: Japan Shogi Association official website