and A-Sketch’s co-established new label “DMM music/Astro Voice” now have their first artiste, and she’s none other than Lov Live! Sunshine!! seiyuu, Rikako Aida. She voices Riko Sakurauchi in the anime, and is part of AQOURS. However, with this new deal, she will be venturing off to do her solo career. This will also be her solo debut as well.

Her debut single will be the song “ORDINARY LOVE”. It will serve as the thee song for the upcoming Senryu Girl TV anime, which adapts Masakuni Igarashi’s romantic comedy manga. She also posted a videi message to her fans as well, announcing her new song’s summer 2019 release. Meanwhile, here’s the PV for Senryu Girl:

source: A-Sketch official twitter page