TMS Entertainment revealed new details on the upcoming LUPIN THE ⅢRD: Fujiko Mine’s Lie film. First, they revealed that it will have a limited theatrical run in Japan in selected theatres. These include Shinjuku Wald9 in Tokyo. They also released a new trailer, as well as a key visual featuring Fujiko Mine herself:

Takeshi Koike will be directing the film, as well as work as character designer. He also drew the film’s key visual, as seen above. Telecom Animation Film will be animating the project, while Yuya Takahashi will write the screenplay.It will be the third film in the Lupin the IIIRD film series, which presents more violence that the TV anime ever could. The first two films include LUPIN THE ⅢRD: Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone (2014) and LUPIN THE ⅢRD: The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa (2017).

Miyuki Sawashiro, whohas been voicing Fujiko Mine since 2011, will be returning to reprise her iconic role. Meanwhile, 61-yera-old Kanichi Kurita will return as Lupin and 86-year-old Kiyoshi Kobayashi will also return as Daisuke Jigen.

source: Fujiko Mine film official website