Crossovers between two series is noting new. However, there’s a new crossover that’s totally unexpected, as the two series have little in common. These two series are Mr. Osomatsu and Black Clover, and they’re doing a rather unique one.

The collaboration campaign will feature an appearance by all six Matsuno sextuplets in the 76th episode of Black Clover. They did not reveal the details, but they teased that the Matsuno boys will be meeting Asta. We still don’t know if this is just as cameo or if they will actually have a few lines in there or not. The episode will air in Japan on 26th March, and is tited “Madoushi X”.

The collaboration not only promotes the Black Clover TV anime, but also the Mr. Osomatsu film. It’s now showing in theatres across Japan, and would feature the brothers trying to attend their high school reunion.

source: Comic Natalie