They’re baaaaaaaack! Yes folks, in case you missed it, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, also known as Oregairu, is getting a third season. And now, Marvelous has started streaming a brand new PV for this upcoming TV anime:

Unfortunately, the video did not reveal any further details, and mostly just recapped the previous season’s events. It looks like we would ave to wait for more information to come.

The light novels inspired two previous TV anime adaptations, the first one in 2013. It follows Hachiman Hikigaya, a cynical student who hates romance, typical youth tropes, and romantic comedies. However, when his teacher forces him to join the service club to help people, he meets Yukino, a sharp-tounged student with a harsh personality to boot. Both are loners, and now the two must help each other out to help other students in their need. And then, the sweet, outgoing, and bubbly Yui comes along to put some sweetness in the ever-bitter pair…

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