Are you a fan of Nico Yazawa from Love Live? How about Nero from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes? Well, you’re in luck, because their seiyuu, Sora Tokui, is about to launch her own fan club! It’s called Gu-Murosou, and it’s launching 1st April at noontime JST! They even opened an official website!

In the website, it features Tokui inviting fans to come and join in a video. And as soon as the website launches, it will reveal all the latest information on her activities and appearances. These include her shoots, films, and many more! The website also promises to post new content daily as well. They will reveal more details when the fan club finally launches.

Aside from Nico and Nero, Sora Tokui also voices plenty of other characters. These include Junna Daitoku in Robotics;Notes and Sasami Sasasegawa in Little Busters!.