According to the latest issue of Famitsu via Ryokutya, it was made known during an interview with producer of the Senran Kagura series Kenichiro Takaki that he has left Marvelous after working with them for 13 years and have joined Cygames to work on new projects.

In his own words, the biggest reason why he left Marvelous is because as of late, “sexual depiction in games are being restricted. It feels as if one of the biggest strings in my life has been cut.”

“There are people who discriminate those who enjoy sexual contents, and there are people who really enjoys them.” He also feels that these kind of games are just one of many that support the huge ecosystem that is the video game industry. And with one of these supports being broken, it really made him consider what he should do next.

“For restrictions put in place to protect a specific genre or range, it is understandable. But with the state of things recently, this is clearly out to crush this (genre).”

He feels that from here onwards, he wants to challenge himself to make an orthodox fantasy game that he used to enjoy as a kid. That is one of the big reasons he decided to join Cygames to work on home console title development.

He did mention however, that he’s put some time to work on Senran Kagura 7EVEN. The base game will not change but there are some parts of the game that still needs an upgrade. Either him or someone else will finish it, and this finished product will be delivered to the fans. The erotic gags will not be toned down and it will be crazier than ever.

According to him, “Kagura will be worked on together with the original team. The adjustments will be left to Marvelous to finished while he stays on to be the boobie producer.”

It’s really sad to hear that these kind of games will be restricted here onwards. I don’t personally play them but, I know friend who enjoys, and people who actually work on these types of games. It’s a shrinking genre but I’d rather not see it die.

Source: Ryokutya