It was announced yesterday that seiyuu Ai Nonka will begin a new radio show about planning weddings on the Cho! A&G+ internet radio station, beginning of 6th April.

The theme for this radio show is “Bridal”, where seiyuu Ai Nonaka challenges herself to become a wedding planner. Every week, along with Ai Nonaka herself, there will be a seiyuu guest dressed in a wedding dress or a tuxedo and they will be live from L’ Bright House, a wedding hall from Hamamatsucho. Ai Nonaka herself will be there in a suit and will be discussing about bridal talk.

Here are some of the corners that will be covered during the show:

Nonaka san, can this type of wedding be done?!
Listeners will send in queries such as “Is this or that possible to be done at wedding?” and with the help of a professional planner, she will help to solve the queries.

Everyone’s wedding report
In this segment, listeners would send in their experiences of attending their friends’ or families’, or even their own ones so that they can share all sorts of wedding styles.

I can’t make a wedding vow with this kind of Wedding!!
Listeners will send answers based on all sorts of situations introduced in the corner.

The first guests will be seiyuu Naomi Ohzora and Kanae Ito. You can see them in a wedding dress, and there will be more guests to come!

Now this is a very interesting radio show! It would be nice to see more seiyuu get married, especially those of them who are quite desperate to get wed as soon as possible!

Source: joqr