Seiyuu and idol Shouta Aoi got fans talking when he appeared as himself in an episode of Pop Team Epic. His appearance even prompted mangaka Bkub Okawa to draw a fanart of him in his manga’s unique art style. And now, as Popuki and Pipimi are getting their own plushies, it seems that a third one is tagging along. And yes, it’s Shouta Aoi’s Pop Team Epic version…

The plush dolls are all part of TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S’ Chokkori-san merchandise line, and they come as a set of three. The entire set, which includes Popuko, Pipimi, and Shouta Aoi, costs about 4,200 yen.

Oh, and since this is Pop Team Epic we’re talking about, Popuko and Pipimi also come with an extra pair of hands. And you guessed it, these hands are raising middle fingers to flip people off! How Pop Team Epic of them…

Pre-orders for these plushies have now opened, and they will soon release them sometime in September 2019. Reservation deadline is 6th May 2019.

source: Takara Tomy A.R.T.s official website

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