With Tokyo Ghoul:Re ending its run last year, mangaka Sui Ishida has been quite busy with a new project. He has been teasing this new project since January, and it got fans talking. However, it turns out that this new project is a collaboration with with Broccoli and Happinet. Its title is Jack Jeanne, and they even revealed a teaser video:

As of writing, we still don’t know what this project is. Given that Ishida is a mangaka, it’s easy to think this is just another manga. However, it’s a collaboration with two huge companies, including anime and music distributor, Broccoli, and entertainment wholesaler Happinet. However, they did say that there are “various measures of development,” hinting that this may be a multimedia project which involves various formats, from games to manga to anime.

Ishida himself also released a message saying that he’s still working on the project right now and told fans to enjoy.

When he teased the project back in January, he released an illustration of a character named Mitsuki Shirota, a girlish boy. In other words, the character he drew is a trap, and it seems that he’s the one wearing the blue dress in the key visual above…

source: Comic Natalie