“It is my duty to continuously answer expectations”

Following his solo project T.M. Revolution, and band abingdon boys school, Takanori Nishikawa is releasing his first album under his own name SINGularity, set to release on 6th March 2019. This is the second of 4 parts we are covering in this interview.

The good and bad of tie-ups.

Could you tell us the distinction between “T.M.Revolution” and “Takanori Nishikawa”?

Many people say that “Isn’t T.M.Revolution a solo act anyways??” and they’re not wrong. I also feel that it’s natural to think “What is the difference between T.M.R. and Takanori Nishikawa”.

So I’ve heard the album, and especially for the tie-ups tracks, I feel that the tune and concept feels more like a natural extension, an evolution if you will, of T.M.Revolution. I feel that you’ve greatly changed your musicianship at the timing of this solo project.

Concerning that aspect, I feel that it is thanks to the tie-up, and with me on the mic, and everyone doing their best to push their potential to 120%, it’s easy to whittle down how to approach this project.

If you’re making a song for an anime or game world, wouldn’t it feel like it’s getting closer to the image of T.M.Revolution ?

That’s why I feel like the tie-up songs could be a hit or miss. For this time, even though it is an entirely new project, there’s difficulty in that my identity as a singer is tied to my already existing image (of T.M.R.). On the other hand, i’m really glad if someone says “I really like that T.M.R. song so wouldn’t it be great if there’s something like that but even more awesome?”. Even if it’s the same world-view, in collaborating with other writers, we may be able to create an entirely different sound.

Because it’s a tie-up song that there’s a world to seek.

That, and in two years I’ll turn 50. But it’s because I’m able to work extensively in a place where I don’t feel my career or age doesn’t feel like that. I think it’s thanks to anime and games. Normally for this long a career, you’d see more drama or live action tie-ups that’s befitting of my age. In my case, I’ve been doing anime and games (songs) for a long time. So I don’t have such a limitation, and I feel strongly that I myself am 2.5D. Thanks to that, every time I’ve gone overseas for a live it’s always full of teenagers. That’s really interesting.

That’s really nice.

Of course I won’t always be able to do tie-up songs but it’s just because the timing is right that I can. Conversely, this could be what I may do after my 2nd album. In order to change my already existing image, I will have to bring out more contents from myself. I’m thinking of going on a trip to find more of that within me.

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Source: Natalie