“It is my duty to continuously answer expectations”

Following his solo project T.M. Revolution, and band abingdon boys school, Takanori Nishikawa is releasing his first album under his own name SINGularity, set to release on 6th March 2019. This is the last of 4 parts we are covering in this interview.

You can’t challenge against Denim expecting to win

This time, the album art work feels like you’re on the offensive.

Yes, very decorative, and very 2.5D. (laughs)

I thought since it’s solo, we could see you in your natural state for once (laughs)

Well, you can’t challenge against denim with a white t-shirt expecting to win. As you hear the album you will understand that there’s isn’t a sense of uniformity in this. I focused my attention on making each song so different than the other. Mastering was very difficult for that. There’s a fiercely individualistic visual, and I forced a fiercely individualistic coating to the songs. (laughs)

Is it safe to say you’ll probably be working as Takanori Nishikawa as your main for the time being?

I only have one body, so as long as I’m Takanori Nishikawa I am not able to become T.M.R. or a.b.s. but, it is not as if I’m stopping any of the other two. I was actually appearing at Inazuma Rock Fes as Takanori Nishikawa, T.M.Revolution and abingdon boys school on all three different days after all.

I believe so!

The things I do (as them) are all different but I believe we are all the same. To be able to grow myself, I need to use my strongest ability, that is my voice and sense of being, and polish those. I think activities as Takanori Nishikawa is a place where I can challenge myself. Therefore I really want to work on the next song, and work on the next recording, I want to try other songs, I want to work with other people.

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Source: Natalie