The latest series in the long line of idol producing game, THE iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors, is celebrating its 1st Anniversary of it’s launch today. And what better way to promote your 1st Anniversary than with a new TVCM to promote the game? And what better person to use as your image character than….Yoshiki!? Take a look at the TVCMs.

There’s also a special interview for fans to better understand this collaborative effort seemingly coming from left field.

What did you feel when you were offered to do this CM?

I’ve done a lot of work as a Producer in my lifetime, and the world of Idols feels like an entirely different end of the spectrum for me. I was surprised when I received the offer but I’m very glad to have taken up the challenge.

The theme for this CM is “Let’s make all the Idols Shine” so recently, have you felt that there’s any part of you that wants to “Shine”?

I feel that I should work to polish my inner self more than my outer self. It’s been 30 years since I’ve debuted but I’ve always felt that I should “shine from within”. As long as you do the work everyday, you’ll naturally shine from within. From someone who lives in the center of Hollywood, you really need to be outstanding over there or you won’t have any eyes stop to look at you.

Here’s another one of the CMs, this time with Yoshiki doing an S-pose insted of his usual X. And another interview question regarding this particular CM.

When you did the S pose, is there any point you were particular about?

Its alot more difficult than you think. When I heard I was going to do this pose, I actually practiced just for it. And it was actually difficult during the actual shooting itself.

I normally do the “X-pose” so I ended up doing it by reflex during the takes. But it’s interesting right? The “S-pose”. Maybe if someone sees me on the street next time, I’ll respond with the “S-pose”.

The TVCM will air on Japanese TVs from March 28 so if you’re in the area, do check it out!

I like Imas, and I like Yoshiki, so I can’t see why this can possibly go wrong?

Source: The Idolmaster Shiny Colors Web Page