Anime-themed marriage regstries are a thing in Japan. The most infamous of them is of course, the ones from Sailor Moon, and all of them are legally accepted. And now, it looks like there will be one for Mr. Osomatsu as well. This is part of the anime’s collaboration wit the wedding mmagazine, Zexy, and they are bringing us an official legally-accepted Mr. Osomatsu marriage registry!

The registry papers feature several themes from the anime, as well as all six sextuplets in tuxedos. All governmental offices in Japan that accept marriage registries will accept them. Just stop by their offices and submit a fully completed form and the Mr. Osomatsu marriage registry, and that’s it! You and your partner are now married!

But sorry ladies, even if you use it, the Japanese government won’t accept it if you list an anime character as your partner, even if it is indeed one of the sextuplets. But wouldn’t using this registry be a good excuse to throw a Mr. Osomatsu-themed wedding, right?

source: Anime! Anime!