Universal Studios Japan has already kicked off their Cool Japan attractions for 2019 with Detective Conan and Lupin III last January. And now, Sailor Moon will be set to join them soon!

This year will add a “New Chapter” the the theme park’s “Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D” show. This time, the Outer Senshii of Sailor Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, as well as Chibi Usa, will be joining the show in a brand new story. It will take place during an event at the Moon Palace, and Universal Studios Japan will be launching it on 31st March. In addition, they will be selling “Universal Heart Compacts” during the attraction’s run, which will be until 25th August.

This year’s Cool Japan attractions also include Lupin the 3rd, Detective Conan, Godzilla, Attack on Titan, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Detective Conan has three attractions, with “Detective Conan The Escape”, a park-wide game called “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge”, and the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant, which offers a mystery for diners to solve as they are dining. As for the Escape Room, park-goers need to urchase a separate ticket in order to play. Meanwhile, Lupin III’s attraction is a car chase XR ride which will feature Lupin and the gang trying to escape Detective Zenigata in a high-speed chase. And much like Conan, Lupin also has his own restaurant called “Lupin III Ristorante Amore”.

source: Comic Natalie