SSSS.Gridman introduced us to two beloved megane characters. One is Sho Utsumi, the lovable male best friend, and the other is of course, Akane Shinko, the anime’s villain. And now, Animegane is recreating the two characters’ respective glasses!

The Butler Glasses eyemirror shop Ikebukuro, as well as the Animegane shop in Akihabara will be selling the two glasses. The Akane model costs 15,120 yen, and it even comes with that signature crack which is actually laser-etched to properly recreate the one from the anime.

As for Sho’s, it costs 12,960 yen. Both pairs of glasses also come with its own unique case. And for those who purchase the glasses, they will also get a free clear file folder as well!

Eyemirror and Animegane are now selling these glasses in their above-mentioned shops. They’re also selling other anime-inspired eyewear, including ones inspired by Kemono Friends, Love Live!, Granblue Fantasy, and Girls und Panzer.

source: Animegane official website