Boarding School Juliet, which takes a ton of inspiration from Shakespearean works, was one of last year’s more popular romantic comedies. It’s based on Yousuke Kaneda’s school romance manga of the same name, and now, it seems that it’s ending soon. This is because Shonen Magazine’s combined 21st and 22nd issues is announcing that the manga has now entered its final arc. This arc is titled the “West Arc”.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal when the manga will end exactly, but Kodansha did confirm that this “West Arc” is the manga’s final arc. Who knows? Maybe this final arc would go the way of Naruto, Bleach, and Gintama and would last for a few years. However, there is also the odd chance that it might just last for a couple of issues before ending the manga’s story completely.

Boarding School Juliet has a lot of Shakespeare references, along with some cat and dog breed names mixed in. It follows Romio Inuzuka from the Touwa nation. He and his compatriots are always at odds with the West, particularly one of their student leaders, Persia. However, Romio is secretly in love with her, and she as well. How will their relationship go when both their respective nations pretty much hate each other?

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine combined issue 21+22