The legendary manga series penned by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter returns to theaters! Encore Films announced on Monday that they will be screening City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes, the latest adaptation of the series in Singapore from 25th April onwards. Let’s take a look at the trailer shall we?

The director Kenji Kodama returns to work on the movie for the first time in 23 years. One of the features of this adaptation is a trio of sisters from Hojo’s manga series Cat’s Eye makes an appearance in this film.

The original cast do return thankfully, and just in case you have forgotten:

  • Akira Kamiya as Ryo Saeba
  • Kazue Ikura as Kaori Makimura
  • Harumi Ichiryūsai as Saeko Nogami
  • Tesshō Genda as Umibozu
  • Mami Koyama as Miki

Of course, we can expect to hear TM Network’s Get Wild as the theme song for this movie too.

I am a huge City Hunter nerd so I will be going day 1 to see this movie. Are you guys excited as well?