New cuts were revealed on the official Twitter of Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, Weathering with you. 3 years removed from his most recent film, Your name, his new movie is set to release later this year on 19 July 2019. And we are so fortunate to be able to see some of the cuts right now, so here they are!

The first cut is of protagonist, Hodaka Morishima, voiced by Kotaro Daigo. He leaves his rural town and heads to Tokyo where he becomes a writer for an occult magazine. Due to poverty and issues, he becomes a stay-in at his new office.

Our second shot is of Haruna Amano, voiced by Nana Mori, who is a girl that Hodaka meets in the city. She works part time and lives with her younger brother in the city. She has a special power in that if she prays, she can make the rain stop and clear the skies.

Last but not least is this scene of Hodaka and Haruna looking at a cloudy sky with non-stop rain. With Haruna’s power, she makes a small hole in the rain clouds and the sun shining from within. You can see this really takes advantage of Shinkai’s unique style.

The movie is coming out July 19 so keep your eyes out on the official Twitter website here!