It has just been announced that a updated version of the TV series Free!-Dive to the Future- will be released as a movie Free-Road to the World-Yume! It will air in Japanese theaters from 5th July onwards. The key visual and teaser trailer has been released as well! First off, let’s see the teaser:

Pre-release MoviTike tickets will be going on sale from tomorrow onwards. A special illustration by the character designer Futoshi Nishiya will be on each of these pre-release tickets. There will also be special Good Luck Blue clear file versions of these tickets as you can see here:

Also, the Free!-Dive to the Future- talk and reading special event will be released as a Blu-Ray/DVD on 3rd July. The Free! series is working hard to release new contents next year with an entirely new movie releasing just in time for the Olympics.

Source: Natalie