The Fruits Basket TV anime remake has now made its long-awaited debut. And now, it looks like we’re getting even more, as Hana to Yume magazine announces that Natsuki Takaya is making three more chapters of the hit manga.

It will be a limited series to be released between April, June, and July. It’s officially titled the “Mabudachi Special Edition”, and it will focus on Shigure Soma, Ayame Soma, and Hatori Soma.

The first extra chapter will be coming with the magazine’s next 10th/11th combined issue. Its release will be on 20th April. The second chapter will the hit on the magazine’s 13th issue on 5th June. and finally, the third one will get its release on 5th July with issue #15. Takaya-sensei is still going to do both the manga’s art and story.

source: Comic Natalie