Their warring “Song of Rebellion”

GARNiDELiA’s newest single REBEL FLAG was released on 13th March 2019. It currently serves as the ending theme song for the TV anime Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. This is the first of 7 parts we will be covering in this interview from Natalie.

5 years after debuting, and we’re still fighting.

GARNiDELiA are celebrating their 5th anniversary of the major debut this year.

MARiA (vocal): That’s right. 5 years normally would seem like a very long time, however…
toku (composer, key): It came and went in an instant.

M: The speed of how that 5 years went past was amazing, but it only really felt like only 1 year has passed for us.
T: It felt like we’ve reached here without any stops along the way.

M: That’s because we were continuously running. Our mind hasn’t changed, and even in this single, we’re still fighting.
T: Its not like we’re returning back to zero, but always remembering our beginnings.

M: Even after our major debut we still push out contents on the platform we’ve used since our indies era, the internet. We treasure that very much and it is the connection with Gokuraku Jodo. And that further helped connect us to the fans overseas and being able to perform there. And through that, we are now able to perform a solo concert overseas, and even an Asian Tour. If you told us when we just debuted that we’d be able to do all that, we wouldn’t have believe you. Through all that time however, our stance and what we want to tell you has never changed.

So MARiA you just told us that “Even in this single, we’re still fighting”. Just by looking at the title track for this Single REBEL FLAG, I can tell you’re rebelling from something.

M: Partly because we’ve had many opportunities to work on anime that involves fighting. When we received an offer to work on the ending theme for “Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka”, we worked on a song that was parallel to the world view of this anime.

There’s a lot of harsh contents inside yeah?

M: The story is a fighting show in that the protagonist “Asuka” used to fight in wars, but she has already retired from it once. However, she realized that if she doesn’t fight, the people she treasures the most will get hurt. So, in order for her to protect the things she treasures the most, she fell into the trap of having to fight again. Thanks to that, she became determined to fight again.  

So the order (for us) was to write a song about her sentiments. So we picked up her feelings and combined it with our 5 years…we also had times where we had to give up on certain things, and some times when staying quiet was an easier option to take.

T: Fighting involves strength after all.

M: That’s right. For the lyrics of SPEED STAR there’s a line that says “I wonder how much easier it is to stay quiet and only listen” and it’s exactly like that. However, in order to go through our beliefs, it was absolutely necessary that we fought, even being called “selfish” sometimes. I don’t think that’ll change going forward. Therefore, when our 5th anniversary came calling, we decided that we want to re-hoist our flag again and that’s why we titled it “REBEL FLAG”.

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Source: Natalie