Their warring “Song of Rebellion”

GARNiDELiA’s newest single REBEL FLAG was released on 13th March 2019. It currently serves as the ending theme song for the TV anime Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. This is the second of 7 parts we will be covering in this interview from Natalie.

Their biggest hit was a $500 USB cable

It’s the first time you’re making a digital-rock single since SPEED STAR.

toku: the anime side gave us an order to make a rock song. But lately we’ve been moving a little away from rock and more towards dance music. However, I thought “if the GARNiDELiA of now made a rock song it would probably end up like this” and I instantly got an image of what to do in my mind. For an anime theme song, I felt that this style would be the best, and I had no doubt of what it’ll become.

Compared to the previous one, the balance between the synthesizer and the guitar is pretty good. Both of them stand out really well, and the sounds of the other instruments are pretty thick too.

T: Thank you very much. I thought it would be good to add EDM to guitar rock. Compared to our debut era, the parts which I can do the mixing on is much broader…or to be frank, I want to work on every different aspect now so much so that I just simply spend too much time working, and it becomes an endless spiral I fall into.

MARiA: The parts that you work on, the things you want to challenge and the parts you place emphasis on has increased yeah?

T: Exactly. With the fusion of vintage and current gadgets, you get a certain type of with with a certain process. And this happened many times. Recently, I’ve actually move to a bigger place and I’ve made my own personal studio there as well. Thanks to that I’ve placed more emphasis on the sound more so than ever.

Is it thanks to your moving that your sound improved?

M: Plausible. (laughs)
T: Also, I’ve purchased recently expensive power cables as well.

M: The thick ones, they’re really amazing.

Is this what they call the audio occult?

T:That’s actually different. When you speak to someone about this they’ll go “isn’t this just Occult stuff” but it is really different. The best item I got was this $500 USB Cable. I’ll lend it to you next time (laughs)

Is that alright to borrow?

M: Even if you do borrow it, would you know how to use it? (laughs)

T: For USB cables it transfers data to and fro into a mix of 0s and 1s right? When you’re copying a text file which is just fixed data, a simple USB cable is fine. But for sound, replaying analogue sounds is like water stream of data. That’s why when you replay sounds from a HDD or SDD with the 0s and 1s and hearing it realtime, the sounds might actually change. When you think of it that way, this USB feels like an analogue device and I’m really impressed by it. (laughs)

That’s some crazy swamp you’re in no?

T: No no, it’s just so fun I just can’t help it. That’s why using an expensive cable and recording a song, you get a really clear and thick sound. However, what happens if you don’t need such a thick sound? Using the EQ and erasing the center is good too but, you can just use a different power cable instead. (laughs) I used that a lot for our currently recording. For the base, the sound really changed and I’m just so addicted to it.

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