Their warring “Song of Rebellion”

GARNiDELiA’s newest single REBEL FLAG was released on 13th March 2019. It currently serves as the ending theme song for the TV anime Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. This is the third of 7 parts we will be covering in this interview from Natalie.

We want to rebel against the usual pattern.

Are MARiA’s vocals also recorded at toku’s home studio?

toku: Yes. All our creations hasn’t changed. Every time MARiA comes over to sing.

MARiA: You wouldn’t believe that we recorded everything in a home studio. However, REBEL FLAG was recorded just before he moved. It was the last recording done at toku’s old home studio. It’s the place I always go to so I can sing without problems.

T: We even do less takes for recording now.

M: We do a lot less takes now.

T: The time it takes to judge has also reduced. I think it’s thanks to the equipment. (laughs)

M: Yeah. I think one of the biggest influences is the change of the microphones. Also, I have a clear image of how I want to sing, and how I want to be heard. I think it’s mostly because I can sing without needing to practice a lot, or perhaps it’s because I can sing without hesitation nowadays. All thanks of 5 years of recording.

For REBEL FLAG and the coupling track PASSION, you didn’t stick to the usual A-melo, B-melo, chorus pattern. You’ve been using this style increasingly lately.

M: Since a while back, I feel we’ve been released from that thought pattern.

T: Yup. Of course it’s all above having to record a 90 second part for the TV airing. Also lately, I’ve taken a liking to recording songs just under 4 minutes.

All 3 songs in this single are around the 3:30 mark.

T: I felt that going above 4 minutes is very long. I want to create and develop songs within a small range. When we perform these songs live, we also feel this range is just right. Rather than using the same style in both parts, i’ve taken a liking to introducing a different world (for the b-melo), and then returning to the chorus. The tempo for REBEL FLAG is pretty fast and I think the band members feel it’s more fun that way. It’s also because I create everything on the PC that I feel it’s also part of the rebelling process.

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