Japan sure loves H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Not only did they turn the Lovecraftian diety of chaos, Nyarlathotep, into an obsessively attached anime girl named Nyaruko, they also re-imagined H.P. Lovecraft himself as one of the powered authors in Bungou Stray Dogs. And now, they’re giving his “The Call of Ctuhlu” story its very own manga adaptation.

Gou Tanabe is responsible for the art and credits Lovecraft for the story. It is part of a series of manga by Tanabe which adapts H.P. Lovecraft’s many works. It will make its debut inside the pages of Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Beam magazine.

The original short story, which was first published inside the pages of Weird Tales magazine in 1928, follows the investigations of Francis Wayland Thurston into the activities of a strange group which worships a mysterious being which sleeps at the bottom of the sea. It became one of the author’s most popular works and inspiring a whole line of stories known as “The Cthulhu Mythos”

source: Jun Hanyuunyuu