Earlier in 2017, Hideo Baba, famous for his work on the Tales series joined Square Enix to form Studio Istolia. However just last month, it was reported that he has parted ways with Sqaure Enix.

Studio Istolia was working on a new IP tited Project Prelude Rune. This was what was reported back in 2017 when Baba joined Square Enix. One would wonder what will happen to Project Prelude Rune going forward without Baba in the helm.

Baba has said in an official statement that “Accompanying a change in Studio Istolia management policies, I’m announcing that I resigned as representative director in December 2018 to make room for the next generation. Also, in March 2019, I resigned from Square Enix.

We hope for the best for Hideo Baba. Perhaps he will return to Bandai Namco and work on Tales games again? Or maybe he might open an indie studio? I sure hope we get to play his games in the near future!

Source: Kotaku