Looking towards Nippon Budokan, the 3rd album that opens new doors

She did her first live tour in June last year and she has been gaining ground as a solo artiste. Finally releasing her 3rd album titled Catch the Rainbow!, this is Inori Minase. This interview will cover her first song she wrote lyrics for which also is the title track, with a total of 12 bright and forward looking songs included. Also in this interview is her thoughts on last year’s tour and her upcoming two days in Nippon Budoukan.  This is the first of 4 parts to this interview series by Natalie.

It’s okay to show everyone the parts that aren’t good

One year has passed since the announcement last May of your 2nd album BLUE COMPASS to now for the release of your 3rd album, Catch the Rainbow! What has this one year meant for you?

Minase: My biggest accomplishment was releasing BLUE COMPASS while at the same time doing my first tour. I used that experience for the creation of my next single, so it’s really based on the tour. It’s a different kind of nervousness as compared to a single solo live, and I feel that I’ve deepen the bonds with my fans with every stop of the tour. To end it with a success was great, but with the tour ending, a new objective sprouts.

Which stop was the most memorable to you?

M: The last stop and every other stop was great but the very first one at Aichi was the most memorable. I was very glad when I actually got to see the fans entering the building, and I was so overwhelmed with emotions when I felt that what I’ve been practicing for was actually reaching the fans that I almost cried. At every other stop after, during the MC section when I was talking with the band members, I had talks related to that area (we were visiting) and it felt like I was going on a small journey. 

Through your tour, what did you become aware of, and did you feel you grew?

M: I was searching desperately for what really felt like “Inori Minase”, but more importantly I realized it was better to try all sorts of new things instead. I’m actually bad at dancing but through the tour, I learned how to skip!

You couldn’t do it until then?

M: It’s embarrassing but yes. (laughs) But I learned that it’s okay to show everyone the parts of you that isn’t good. My fans feels like something akin to my parents protecting me, and we celebrate even my smallest of growths, and I realized that there’s some meaning to challenging something even if you’re not that good at it.

Do you give your thoughts on how the performance should be and how the setlist should go?

M: Originally, I wasn’t very good at being on stage, and it’s not like I got to fulfill my dream by myself but, it’s thanks to the people who supported me that I’m able to be on the stage. When I first did lives it was more like just performing the setlist that was prepared for me. Thanks to the tour, I’m able to see what and how exactly I want to express myself.

Was it challenging to balance your seiyuu work with the tour, concerning it took place over a month?

M: It just felt unsatisfying not being able to balance things, but you only fully realise you’re touring when you’re in that state. You have to be able to please the crowd no matter what condition you’re in. I’ve had some challenging times but it made me a better person through that. Catch the Rainbow! was made not just entirely through happy and beautiful things, but with disappointment, suffering and struggling emotions as well.

It’s because of your tour that this album came to life.

Definitely. And I specifically mentioned to the staff how I wanted the lyrics to turn out for this album in particular.

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Source: Natalie