Looking towards Nippon Budokan, the 3rd album that opens new doors

This interview will cover the first song she wrote lyrics for which also is the title track, with a total of 12 bright and forward looking songs included. Also in this interview is her thoughts on last year’s tour and her upcoming two days in Nippon Budoukan.  This is the second of 4 parts to this interview series by Natalie.

It would be bad if I don’t write lyrics here

There’s 10 new songs in the album Catch the Rainbow! and most of these feels very bright, poppy and forward looking. What was the basis when making this album?

Actually I didn’t think of a concept when making this album. Up until now, the last song in all of my albums has been a strong ballad with a message behind them but, this time I wanted to end on a happy note. Using the title of the last song as a base, Catch the Rainbow!, the first half feels very light-hearted like spring, whereas the second half has more stronger energetic songs.

Catch the Rainbow! was the first song you wrote lyrics for. How did you end up writing lyrics for it?

Actually the producer asked me for lyrics before but I felt very embarrassed to sing a song I wrote lyrics for. I don’t even Tweet a lot or really express myself in such a way. In exchange, I express myself through my songs or my performances. But ever since I started my solo career, there was a part of me which felt that I had to express myself in other ways aside from acting or singing…

It’s conflicting but in my 1st album Innocent Flower I tried to express myself, in BLUE COMPASS I tried to go entirely against that, and when I though to of what to do for the 3rd album, I felt it would be bad if I don’t write lyrics for my own songs here.

I see.

And even after I say that, I had a sense of doubt even after doing it. Ideally, I’d like to keep it until recording day but showing it (the lyrics) to the staff was quite a hurdle for me. It feels similar to people reading your diary isn’t it? So the producer said “just be yourself and write the lyrics, it’ll be fine” but…it’s not just a one-way thing. I’m just scared about his reaction to my lyrics. Ever since I was a kid, I’m not very good with people’s opinions of me, and it reminds me of those auditions I use to take as a kid.

So when I send the lyrics over, I don’t like it when I can’t see the face of the person as they read it, I can’t sort my feelings out unless I see their reactions with my own eyes. So I met the producer in person and asked him to see the lyrics in front of me. Maybe it’s because it was my first time, so the hurdle was smaller, but it was better than I expected so that’s a relief.

Do you feel it’s a difficult process to express yourself in lyrics?

It’s very difficult but, I’ve always enjoyed confining myself to work while facing an objective. I don’t play instruments and in terms of anime work, I’m acting as someone who is living in an already pre-made world. I’ve never really created something of my own until now, so writing my only words into a song felt strange. I don’t feel writing lyrics was a bad thing, but I was very forward looking.

I see! For Catch the Rainbow! you mentioned about the joys on being on the stage and being thankful to the fans.

When I first made my debut as a singer, there was a part of me that felt that even if I tried to sing like myself, it felt more like a polished version of me. I was really worried over what exactly was “my song.” It felt like there was a gap between me and the many people who listen to my songs. I really gave some thought as to the reason that I was doing this.

Is it because I just wanted to sing? It was only when the fans told me “your songs gave me hope” or “your songs made me happy” that it really struck me. It’s not only because of my ability to express myself, but when it finally reaches the fans was when I realize the joys of singing. That was how the lyrics appeared in my heart.

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Source: Natalie