Looking towards Nippon Budokan, the 3rd album that opens new doors

This interview will cover the first song she wrote lyrics for which also is the title track, with a total of 12 bright and forward looking songs included. Also in this interview is her thoughts on last year’s tour and her upcoming two days in Nippon Budoukan.  This is the last part to this interview series by Natalie.

Where is everyone hiding

After Catch the Rainbow! releases in June you have your live tour which has the two days of Nippon Budokan. Please tell us your thoughts on that.

I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do when I did my tour last year. This time however, thanks to the album it’s became a lot easier to see what kind of stage and what do I want to convey for this year’s tour. The stage configuration is still in the works but this time round I hope to be able to show different sides of myself in different stops.

What’s your mental state like when thinking about your solo Budokan live? I believe you’ve been there in other non-solo performances before.

I understand the importance of being able to perform at Budokan, I don’t really feel it yet. I still can’t imagine Budokan filled with only my fans, and I don’t think I have that many in the first place. I’ve never been called out by them in the streets, so where are they hiding actually? (laughs) Also, my friends and colleagues always say that “It’s amazing you get to perform at the Budokan”, but I’ll only say it’s amazing once I actually make it a success, so I’ll make sure to be in festival mode and not run away. Focusing too much on Budokan might make me neglect the other stops too so I’d like to make the tour as if the other stops will be the path that leads to Budokan.

You don’t see to seem to not you have many fans but, without them you won’t be able to fill two days of Budokan. (laughs)

I really don’t. Could be just some unknown strength perhaps (laughs)

Perhaps the pace and scale of your work haven’t caught up with you yet?

Inori Minase became something amazing a lot faster than I imagined. I too sometimes separate the feeling from myself that “Inori Minase is really amazing”, and I’m quite desperate to catch up to that. I hope I can continue to maintain this friendliness, so my fans can always be at ease and connect with me in this at-home environment. Budokan was a place the fans and I got there together, so even as I will be performing 2 days straight at Budokan I will be nervous yet enjoy this sensation all the more.

Is there an issue you’re facing that you’d like to raise up at this point of time?

There’s a lot actually…if I talk about small issues it’ll never end. I hope to be able to memorize my lyrics faster, when I walk down stairs I hope I stop looking down only, not waving my towel only at the offbeat and so on. I’m glad my fans are there to take care of me but, I’d like to be a bit more Spartan to myself while I try not to get swallowed up in all the niceness. I’d like to cut the weak parts of me out, and always hold onto my strong feelings but doing it too quickly my blow my fuse out so Id like to start small. Also for Catch the Rainbow!, there’s a part that says “Come, let’s look eye to eye and sing together” so during the live regardless of the position of your seats I’d like show everyone that we can be one on this stage.

Tour Information

Inori Minase [animelo mix presents Inori Minase LIVE TOUR 2019 Catch the Rainbow!

June 16th 2019: Osaka, Gran Cube Osaka
June 23rd 2019: Aichi, Nagoya Civil Hall Forest Hall
June 28th 2019: Tokyo, Nippon Budokan
June 29th 2019: Tokyo, Nippon Budokan

Source: Natalie