Japan has been at the forefront of technology for quite some time, especially in the virtual world. From virtual idols like Hatsune Miku to even VR experiences, Japan is highly advanced. And now, several Japanese companies like DeNA, Docomo, and Secom, are working together to create the Virtual Security Guard.

The guard will be appearing in a large mirror display device which does monitoring and surveillance of its surroundings. And like most guards, it can also scan a person for suspicious items like guns, knives, etc. It can also react appropriately, such as warning anyone concealing their faces with helmets or masks to remove them and show themselves to him/her. And yes, there is a female version of the guard as well.

The guard itself can also act as a receptionist, as it can entertain and answer a few simple questions. And if you find the guard too tall, don’t worry because it’s so aware that it can kneel down and adjust himself/herself.

But what if there’s an emergency where a real guard is needed? Well, it turns out that behind this virtual guard would be an actual security guard who can help cover the things a virtual guard cannot do, such as physically help someone in need. For example, if someone collapses, the virtual guard will call for help, and that would usually be an actual guard.

Secom is still developing the virtual security guard, and might make it public sometime next year or so.

source: Sora News 24